Think Justice

“To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step.
We will fail when we fail to try.”


Steps Forward

The history of racism and inequity in our country includes our industry, and we can’t abide it. We’re mobilizing our team of creative problem solvers to focus on racial justice and equity in our agency, our industry and our community in some way, every day.

Here we chronicle our steps on the path to a more just, inclusive world – the questions we’re asking, the plans we are making, the rabbit holes we jump down and what we find when we get there. We share what we’re reading, watching,  discussing and doing. We show not just the product of our efforts, but the process, in the hopes that others in our industry, our community, and our world may feel inspired and empowered to help effect real change in big and small ways.

We don’t promise answers here. This blog is a way of chronicling our journey, and we’re making it public for the chance that watching it unfold may help others take their own first steps. We don’t know the destination, but we know it is forward and we know it is better. Our journey is intentional. It’s going to be messy and complicated, and it’s going to be uncomfortable. But ultimately,  it’s going to be one of action – one that will make us better as people and as an agency. And we know it will make a difference.

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