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How to Win with Facebook’s New Ad Parameters

Still no official announcement, but Digiday and others are reporting important changes ahead for the format of Facebook News Feed mobile ads. 

Starting Aug. 19, Facebook mobile ads will reportedly only show three lines of text instead of the current seven, though users can click a link to show more. Photos and videos will also move to a 4:5 aspect ratio instead of 2:3, which could present headaches for brands with a large number of ads already running in the old format. 

Here are a few quick tips from LGA’s digital experts and how to address — even capitalize — on the upcoming changes: 

  1. Start early. With only a month until the changes take hold, marketers should begin now reformatting any existing Facebook mobile ads. Failing to do so means they could be automatically truncated to the new specs, which could cut off important messaging or imagery. 
  2. Less is more. The new restrictions will put a premium on concise but effective ad copy. It’s unclear how many users will click the link for more information, so the safe money is on delivering your message in the first three lines. 
  3. Rethink video. Brands that have run captions in the black bars above or below the 2:3 video window will need to rethink how they concept and frame their video content for the new 4:5 format. 
  4. Experiment. We always advise clients to test, measure and optimize . . . especially when they change the rules of the game. Marketers should try a number of copy types — sentences, bullets, emojis, etc. – in the reduced text area to see what produces the best results. 

They say change is the only constant, but that’s not entirely true. Opportunity is always right there alongside change, if you choose to embrace it. 


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