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Meet Curiosity

We are an advertising and PR agency. We are curiosity evangelists. We are a collection of industry experts who approach every opportunity with the belief that the best questions are the ones with no obvious answers.

What is our expertise?

What’s notable about our client experience?

The diversity of our client experience is one of our greatest strengths. The questions we answer in one category help us uncover insights that are surprisingly relevant to other seemingly unrelated categories.

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Who’s your senior leadership team?

Stephanie Spicer

Strategy is like a puzzle, assembling all of the “pieces” – the audience and what we know about them, the brand and its objectives, the industry and its trends. But what makes strategy the most interesting puzzle is that I never know what the final picture will be until all the pieces are put together.

Curious to learn more?

Stephanie Spicer


Stephanie’s work ensures client brands and communications are rooted in a deeper understanding of business needs, target insights and category landscapes. Her proven track record of developing growth-driving strategies for brands at every stage includes serving as a vice president for Grey in New York, where she helped consumer brands such as Oreo, Advil, Tanqueray and Botox connect with audiences ranging from affluent boomers to millennials to moms. 

What gets you excited to come to work? “Our industry never stops changing, our clients‘ businesses never stop evolving, and I get to collaborate with a team that never wants to settle for ‘good enough’. It’s fun.”

What are you curious about? “I mean, everything. But if I had to pick one main thing, it would be people and what makes them tick. What motivates them to act the way they act, to choose one brand over another, to prioritize a certain experience or download a certain paper. What are the biases that influence their behavior and how can we use them?“

Steve Luquire

In 30 years, only once have I felt a client was intentionally unfair to our company. When hearing about it, a friend sent me this sculpture appropriately titled “Screwed.” It reminds me every day to look for ways to ensure that fairness and trust are at the heart of all of our client relationships.

Curious to learn more?

Steve Luquire


Steve founded Luquire George Andrews in 1984 as an integrated advertising/graphics company, based on a philosophy of trust. Trust for both clients, and employees alike. The industry has changed and evolved dramatically since then, but not the concept of being a company filled with people of character, committed to an environment of exceptional creativity, integrity and fairness.

What gets you excited to come to work? “One of the most enjoyable and challenging components of our job is how each and every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Never the same. The only thing consistent is the lack of consistency. I have many friends who say, “You have the most interesting job.” It’s not always a picnic, but there’s always plenty of great food! Almost 14,000 days on the job, no two ever alike, and loving getting up each and every morning. Energizing!”

What are you curious about? “As CEO, I have always studied how to build the best teams. Curiosity around what motivates staff and clients has been a driving force in the development of LGA. The ever-changing landscape of our industry demands curious minds that challenge the norms and embrace our evolutionary environment.”

Jonathan Zajicek

When most people think of data and analytics, they visualize charts and graphs. But the power of data is in ideas and solutions. True analytics isn’t in visualizing it, but rather in uncovering the insights hidden inside it. Light bulb!

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Jonathan Zajicek

Vice President / Director of Analytics & Performance

Jonathan oversees Luquire’s analytics efforts, working across a variety of technology platforms to measure effectiveness and optimize performance for client campaign. Having served most recently as Chief Analytics and Performance Officer at DRUM Agency, Jonathan also built the analytics department at Havas Chicago, and led digital transformation programs for Big Four consulting firm EY.

What gets you excited to come to work? “Helping people. Every day is an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s work and life. To make things easier, to deliver an insight, to support, all things that I use my skills to do that help the people I work with and my clients.”

Barry Finkelstein

I’ve been a hockey fan all my life, but I didn’t actually start playing the game until just a few years ago. That puck is from the first game I won as a goalie. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded to never stop trying new things, no matter how much it might hurt.

Curious to learn more?

Barry Finkelstein

Senior Vice President / Director of Public Relations

Having established himself at such firms at Omnicom’s FleishmanHillard and Publicis’ MSL, Barry has more than 30 years of experience on a broad range of organizations. A graduate of the University of Florida, Barry has served on the Advisory Council for the school’s College of Journalism and Communications, and as a board member of the Georgia, South Carolina, Pittsburgh and Charlotte chapters of the Public Relations Society of America.

What gets you excited to come to work? “I’d have to say the opportunity to collaborate with people who support me, inspire me, challenge me and teach me each and every day. Because of the talented people I’m surrounded by, my work is as interesting to me today as when I first started my career.“

What are you curious about? “I’ve always been curious about how things work. Had I not majored in journalism – and maybe if I was better at math – I might have been an engineer of some sort because I’m very analytical. Applied to my job, that makes me intensely curious about why people think or do certain things, and how we as communicators can use various tools and talents to shape people’s beliefs and behaviors.”