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Tire Pros goes all-in on “hassle-free” brand strategy

Baseball Hall of Famer and accidental philosopher Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” It’s as true of brands as it is of people: To successfully navigate your journey, you need to have a specific destination in mind.

That’s the approach we employed with Tire Pros, a national network of independently owned tire and automotive service shops backed by longtime client ATD, North America’s leading tire distributor. Before even beginning to think about a new ad campaign, LGA led a research-driven brand strategy exercise that not only served as the foundation of new TV spots, but is providing a guiding north star for the entire organization.

“Our research found Tire Pros is uniquely suited to fill a void in the category that combines convenience with meeting the emotional needs of the consumer,” said our director of brand strategy, Stephanie Spicer. “Buying tires or getting your car serviced is usually a hassle, but we positioned Tire Pros to tackle that perception head-on by centering the entire brand strategy around the idea of ‘Hassle-Free.’”

The resulting campaign delivers the message in an engaging, storytelling fashion to stand out from the category’s typical flashy advertising. TV spots connect simpler times of two children enjoying youthful play on bikes and skateboards to scenes of the pair as an adult couple enjoying timely and convenient service from their Tire Pros dealer.


Backing up its commitment to being “Hassle-Free,” Tire Pros also developed a comprehensive campaign toolkit through which dealers can access all components – TV and radio commercials, social posts, digital and print ads and more – and customize elements to their specific store and market.

“‘Hassle-Free’ is a more than just a tagline for Tire Pros,” said Vice President / Management Supervisor Jane Duncan, who leads our Tire Pros and ATD account team. “We’ve incorporated ‘Hassle-Free’ into everything from operational playbooks and internal communications to Tire Pros’ merit-based dealer evaluation program. It’s truly a strategic pillar for the overall business.”


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