Navigating the Video Landscape

The landscape is vast when it comes to video platforms and how to best push your message. In this episode, Lisa chats with media experts Martha McSwain and Ann Howard Dooley about OTT, CTV, how video is changing the ways consumers receive information, and how recent mergers will affect the way content is produced. To Navigating the Video Landscape

Join the Club(house)

Curious about social audio? In this episode, Lisa meets up with Clare Rizer, public relations account supervisor at Luquire and Clubhouse enthusiast, to discuss the new social audio app. They discuss how to get access to the Clubhouse platform, the types of content on it, and opportunities for brands to consider in their communications strategies. Join the Club(house)

The Great Cookie Crackdown

In this episode, Lisa has an in-depth discussion with Luquire’s VP / Director of Analytics Jonathan Zajicek on Google’s decision to be cookie free in 2022, including what it means, how digital marketing is impacted, and what marketers should do to navigate in a cookie-free world. To download a PDF transcript of this podcast, click The Great Cookie Crackdown