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Consumers want to hear from brands during crisis

What’s happening? 

A new Kantar survey released Wednesday shows that brand communication during the COVID-19 crisis – if done well – is not just okay, it is expected. With the right approach, your business has a great opportunity to foster and strengthen brand affinity for the long run.

Of the consumers surveyed: 

  • 77% said they expect brands to be helpful in their “new everyday” lives
  • 75% feel that brands should be informing the public of how they are addressing the situation
  • 70% said brands should adopt reassuring tones 
  • Only 8% said brands should not advertise

What does it mean? 

In times of constant change and uncertainty, your audiences want to hear that you are still around, still stable and doing what you can to be responsible AND make a positive difference.  

What should marketers be doing? 

Brands would be well served to update their marketing strategies in light of COVID-19. What message(s) do your audiences want and need to hear from you? What channels can you use to get these messages out? Use data to understand how your consumers want to engage. And consider whether these messages would appeal to prospects as well as current clients or customers. 

Don’t forget to scrub your existing content as well. Look at websites, social channels and anything else that is out in the marketplace that may come across as tone deaf in this environment. Show your audiences you understand what they are going through. The affinity you build now will serve your brand well long after the crisis ends. 

Is your brand strategy working for you or against you during the COVID19 crisis? Schedule a checkup with our strategy team.

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