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Dolly flips the script for super-smart Super Bowl spot

America may be divided on whether they want to see the Chiefs or the Buccaneers win this year’s Super Bowl. But you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the country who isn’t cheering for one person who’ll be in the spotlight during the game: the timeless Dolly Parton, who’s starring in a new campaign from web creation platform Squarespace.

The centerpiece of the effort is a TV spot that reprises Dolly’s 1980 hit movie and theme song “9 to 5,” but with a twist. The 75-year-old legendary artist flipped the script by revising her lyrics into a new song called “5 to 9” that salutes entrepreneurs and their side hustles, the bread and butter of Squarespace’s customer base. Even Dolly’s new fragrance is featured, launching via a new Squarespace website. 

LGA didn’t create this campaign, but we admire it nonetheless. It’s a clever idea based on sound strategy and a deep understanding of the brand’s target audience. And it’s especially timely because of the surge in entrepreneurial efforts stemming in part from economic hardship caused by the COVID crisis. 

Dolly is beloved not just as an entertainer, but as a creator who has reinvented herself multiple times to stay relevant, whether through her many business pursuits or her generous charitable efforts. Who better to front a campaign that honors these values that resonate so well with this target audience 

“I’ve always admired her songwriting talent, savvy business skills, character and philanthropy,” says LGA VP/Group Creative Director Margaret Bond. “And she’s definitely made the most of this past year, in spite of the circumstances. I think this campaign is such a nice idea for now – with really interesting layers to the concept.”

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