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Finding Your Brand’s Voice Amid COVID-19

What’s Happening? 

As the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic define our “new normal,” many brands are adjusting their approach to reflect today’s realities. Some are taking a cause-marketing approach by supporting local relief efforts, while others are pulling back from efforts that might seem insensitive – like KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” campaign. 

What does it mean? 

Just as brands should be rethinking how to reach consumers with new media consumption habits, as discussed in our earlier post, they should be reassessing the messaging they’re putting out into the marketplace to stay in step with current mindsets. 

What should marketers be doing? 

So much has changed around us, but one thing hasn’t: a brand is still that unique intersection between what consumers want and what a company can provide. But consumer needs have shifted – they’re looking for comfort, reassurance and glimpses of happiness in the face of all the negativity and uncertainty out there. 

Marketers should determine how their brands can deliver against those needs in ways that are appropriate for their product and audience. If you’re a bank, now’s the time to demonstrate stability and confidence. If you’re an automaker, show a little empathy to customers who may be reluctant to commit to such a substantial purchase. 

And don’t be afraid to incorporate a little humor. While other brands avoided the traditional April Fools gags this year, our one-day effort for auto-service franchise Tire Pros went out of its way to let consumers in on the joke. We hope it makes people smile at a time when we could all use it. 

Consumer needs have shifted but chances are your brand can still meet them – adapting how, when and where you reach consumers is the best path forward. We can help navigate.  

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