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“Keep Pounding” Mantra Finds a New Home

We’re proud to have played a part in making the phrase “Keep Pounding” a timeless battle cry for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and their passionate fans. And we couldn’t be more pleased to have recently helped the Panthers turn those inspiring words into a source of inspiration for families seeking treatment at Atrium Health’s Levine Cancer Institute.

Seven years ago, as part of a brand refresh that included a redesign of the original Panthers logo, we created an emotionally charged mural for the team’s training facility that brought the “Keep Pounding” spirit to life. The design honored the late Panthers player and coach Sam Mills, who first used the “Keep Pounding” phrase in a speech to the team during his own cancer battle.

The powerful mural featured excerpts from Sam’s iconic speech to the team sharing his journey through football to fighting the disease that ultimately claimed his life. To Sam, “Keep Pounding” was more than words – it was his mantra, a constant reminder to never give up.

So it seems especially fitting that last month, a replica of that mural became the centerpiece of Levine’s new Keep Pounding Family Center. Recently highlighted in the Charlotte Business Journal, the Keep Pounding Family Center is a comfortable space for friends and family members – some of whom travel hundreds of miles seeking best-in-class care – to gather while patients receive treatment.

Sam’s words transcend football, having become synonymous with courage and determination. Here’s hoping the “Keep Pounding” mural serves as a reminder for families battling cancer to fight through every treatment and every challenge ahead.


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