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LGA helps brand new Uptown development Legacy Union

When longtime LGA client Lincoln Harris bought the 10-acre former site of The Charlotte Observer right next to Bank of America Stadium, they knew the prime location and public interest as one of the largest developments ever built Uptown would draw lots of attention.

“We wanted to create something very special. As the gateway into Uptown, we wanted to develop a destination, a place where people want to gather, a place that the people of Charlotte would be proud of,” said Johno Harris, President of Lincoln Harris.

Lincoln Harris turned to LGA and worked in partnership to create the branding, logo and media roll-out of the development. The result is Legacy Union. The name Legacy Union is meant to honor our past and celebrate the promise of Charlotte’s future. Phase One of the project includes a 33-story office tower with a signature glass and steel pyramid that will become a landmark on the Charlotte skyline. Legacy Union will feature a mix of office space with the future possibility of retail, residential and hospitality development.

When creating the brand, LGA found it important not to just make another name for a development, but to evoke an emotional response to what the development stands for. Legacy is a nod to Charlotte’s great history and Union reflects Lincoln Harris’ intention to make the location a gathering space and a destination. The layout and plan were deliberately created to reflect the great public gathering places in London, Paris and Rome. All aspects of the request were put through the lens of honoring the past and celebrating the future of Charlotte.

As part of the announcement of Legacy Union’s name and plans, LGA’s full-service capabilities came to the forefront in a fully integrated manner involving our brand, digital, creative and public relations teams.

Executed deliverables included:

It’s exciting to work on and bring to life a project that will not only have such a profound impact on Charlotte but also a project that unifies all the exceptional talents and capabilities of LGA into a holistic collaborative product.


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