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Need to reach B2B buyers? Try idiosynthesis

What’s happening? 

With digital commerce at a pandemic-induced inflection point, research shows B2B consumers increasingly want a personalized, B2C-like experience. A 2020 report from Accenture shows 73% of B2B executives recognize the urgency to personalize their marketing strategy in response to customer expectations for more meaningful products, services and experiences. 

What does it mean? 

To serve “meaningful” content, B2B marketers need to deepen their audience understanding. Like other consumers, the vast majority of executive audiences begin gathering product and service information online, most of them remaining anonymous to marketers for months. This makes effective personalization and targeting challenging, but all the more necessary, to break through the noise, engage prospects and drive leads.  

What should marketers be doing? 

B2B marketers can adopt a more sophisticated identity solution by connecting interactions with prospective customers to insights into their personal browsing/behavior, a concept we call “idiosynthesis” – literally, the unique combination of parts or elements to make a whole. 

By treating each potential customer as a consumer – not just a C-suite executive or a qualified lead, but an actual human being who consumes media, browses social sites and runs searches on the internet – marketers can connect in ways traditional B2B brands have been unable to achieve. 

That said, to deliver a personalized, homogenous experience regardless of which platform your customers use, you must first give them each a portable identity. Targeting B2B prospects in B2C channels can be extremely challenging because media partners identify audience differently through their own targeting tactics, potentially creating an overall reach and frequency that is inadequate to achieve your business goals. 

At LGA, we’ve partnered with a leading B2B2C identity solution to leverage their interconnected digital identities alongside a testing culture to drive success for our B2B clients. This solution identifies your B2B target through their personal logins, social media and email accounts to create an online identity for each individual, called a “key.” Those “keys” are then used across different media channels to identify and target B2B prospects in B2C channels. 

For example, this technology can identify that I am lpurpura@thinklga.com at work, @totallyteddy on Instagram and @lp1204 on Twitter, then creates a custom identity graph that allows marketers to reach me regardless of what platform I’m on.  

The idiosynthesis technique allows marketers to reach B2B2C audiences in previously nonviable media channels such as OTT/CTV, YouTube and Facebook. The expanded identity graph enhances B2B marketers’ ability to break through to their prospect audience in the media they use every day, ultimately driving leads and generating sales. 

As a bonus, not only are these methods more targeted, but B2C platforms are also generally more cost-effective than traditional forms of B2B marketing. It’s yet another way smart marketers are changing the game by leveraging technology. 

Learn how our idiosynthesis technique can change your B2B marketing game and position you ahead of the competition. 


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