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New Blum campaign showcases wow factor of cabinet hardware

Countertops, appliances and cabinets are the first things that come to mind when a homeowner starts thinking about remodeling a kitchen. But, the organization systems behind the cabinets can truly take the kitchen to the next level. Blum, a leading manufacturer of functional hardware for the kitchen cabinet and commercial casework industries, knows that and as Blum’s advertising agency for more than 10 years LGA knows that, too.

However, as the Blum and LGA teams began working on the latest creative campaign, the challenge became ensuring that kitchen designers, dealers, cabinetmakers and woodworkers also understood and recognized the value that Blum hardware and organizational systems brought to a room.

“As we talked about our objectives and the key benefits of the products, the wow factor kept coming up,” said LGA Associate Creative Director / Art Director Joe Tolley. “We kept thinking about what that might look like from the product’s perspective and decided to do a point-of-view campaign to feature the end user’s reaction.”

The team shot the three ads during a one-day photoshoot in New York City with award-winning photographer Dale May.

“We enjoy working with the Blum team because they make kitchen cabinetry hardware products that are always best to market and they want their advertising to reflect that mindset,” said LGA Senior Vice President Philip Tate. “For this new campaign, we wanted to communicate that Blum products make any space noticeably better and we believe the point-of-view approach achieves that.”

The new print ads began appearing in kitchen, woodworking and other home design trade publications in July. All ads drive readers to a custom landing page that provides detailed product information.


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