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New NCWine.org invites visitors to escape to wine country

Just as good wine is created from quality grapes and a refined process, good websites are built from a deep understanding of a brand, knowledge of a site’s users and a well-honed development process. LGA used this recipe to build the new North Carolina Wine & Grape Council website.

The previous site, pictured below, lacked a content management system and responsive design – meaning cumbersome updates for content managers and a frustrating browsing experience for the site’s mobile-majority users.

Armed with extensive experience marketing North Carolina wine to travelers via advertising, digital and public relations, LGA designed and developed a website that would meet the client’s objectives to:

  • Educate visitors on wine, wineries and vineyards throughout the state;
  • Convey North Carolina’s wine story and history; and
  • Inspire users to visit the state’s wineries and vineyards.

The new site was specifically built with its mobile users in mind, helping them navigate and search by the things that matter most to them: proximity and region. In addition, new image-driven, SEO-friendly content like regional overview pages and suggested wine trails highlight the transportive nature of visiting North Carolina’s 185 wineries and showcase the warm, inviting experiences residents and visitors will find there. It’s also fully integrated with VisitNC.com so users can more easily plan every detail of their wine excursion.

The site’s September launch was timed to coincide with North Carolina Wine & Grape Month, and it features a dedicated landing page where visitors can search seasonal harvest festivals, grape stomps, special wine tasting tours and more.


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