We wrote our agency mission before George Floyd was killed. Before the movement that followed – and continues – for racial justice and equity. The events of the past months have given us a new lens through which to view that mission, and the ways in which we’ve failed to uphold it, defaulting to complacency and the status quo. Next steps require us to look inward and examine our agency from every angle and every level, dismantling old ways of thinking and taking definitive steps to become an agency where diversity isn’t just something we value or encourage – but is central to who we are and how we operate.

How will we make a difference?

In short, we don’t yet know. But we know we’re taking steps in the right direction, chronicling the process on this site. Here’s why:

Our Values

  • We acknowledge a history of racism and inequity, particularly in our own industry.
  • We’re not afraid of tough conversations that lead to understanding and action.
  • We wholeheartedly believe different views and experiences make us and our ideas better.
  • We’re thoughtful and bold in our actions.
    We push for creativity to help solve the problems of racism and inequity.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit for fairness, equity and inclusion.

Our First Steps

LGA has assembled a 12-person racial justice and equity task force comprised of committees working to achieve goals in three key areas:

Areas of Focus

1 Education

Education Working Group

Provide ongoing education and resources to help all LGA staff understand how systemic racism and our own biases impact us and the work we do.

2 Diversity

Diversity Working Group

Create programs  and  make  connections  designed to help identify, recruit, develop and retain racially and ethnically diverse staff  and  cultivate a pipeline of  talent.

3 Community

Community / Industry Leadership Working Group

Model and lead progress in racial justice and equity in our local community and throughout the advertising and public relations industry.

Follow our progress toward our goals, find out what steps we’re taking, and see what we’re learning in our news updates.

Task force news and updates