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Top Takeaways for Marketers From CES 2022

When we develop connections plans for our clients, we start by mapping out their consumer journey a “day in the life” of their typical customers that helps us understand where and when they can be reached through the growing number of platforms that are available for brands to deliver a highly relevant message.

The recently completed Consumer Electronics Show has become a bellwether for how technology can shape the daily lives of consumers. That means brands should be paying close attention, as tech is playing an increasingly important – and constantly changing – role in consumers daily journey.

Attendance at this year’s hybrid event was somewhat subdued, but that didn’t diminish an amazing array of new technology from making its debut at CES. Here are some trends our team says marketers should be keeping an eye on:

Are Kitchen Appliances the New TV Set? Smart Home devices are becoming much more commonplace and affordable, allowing consumers to use a mobile device to control everything from their home’s lighting, temperature and security system to their refrigerator and kitchen faucet. How might a grocery retailer or CPG brand integrate with a smart fridge that knows when it’s time to restock your favorite items? Which of these technologies may offer advertising or branded partnership opportunities to reach this captive, lifestyle-focused audience?

What’s Old Is New Again. Nostalgia is not a concept that’s typically on display at CES, but several products had a throwback feel. Think new technology in an old, familiar package, like first-ever Bluetooth speakers from venerable audio brand Victrola. New products are the result of extensive consumer research, suggesting a public that longs for the comforts of yesteryear. The same is true for sustainability, as evidenced by the bevy of eco-friendly products unveiled at this year’s CES. How might these consumer trends shape how you position your brand?

More Is More. Simplicity has its advantages, but if the next generation of tech is any indication, today’s consumer wants more of everything – more speed, more memory, more variety and more customization. From advanced gaming systems to faster Wi-Fi to more visually stunning TVs, a lot of the new tech is simply better tech. The lesson for marketers:instead of reinventing the wheel, look for ways to refine your product to deliver more of what your customers already love.

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