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Which Brands Will Win Sunday’s Big Game?

It should be no surprise that around 100 million Americans are expected to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. But did you know that one out of four millennials surveyed watches the game just to see the commercials? 

Football’s biggest game is also the biggest stage for marketers, and anticipation for this year’s crop of commercials has been building for weeks. In fact, our Chief Creative Officer Glen Hilzinger appeared on local TV offering his predictions for the big game. 

But Glen’s not the only one at LGA with opinions about what to look for this year. Here’s what a few others are saying: 

Vice President/Group Creative Director Jennifer Jones: 

“It’s interesting to see the use of celebrities reflect the increasingly fragmented way we consume content, with stars from popular shows like ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ to pop culture and 90s celebs like Jonathan Van Ness and M.C. Hammer. I also notice even more brands are tying in with causes, from Michelob Ultra’s connection with organic farming to Olay donating $1 for every tweet to support Girls Who Code. But at the end of the day, it’s still about making an emotional connection, whether it’s Amazon and Snickers making us laugh or Microsoft and the NFL making us think.” 

Senior Vice President/Director of Emerging Solutions Gretchen Voth: 

“I’m digging the interactivity incorporated into some of this year’s work. Bud Light Seltzer’s taking a more low-tech approach – ‘vote’ for your favorite of their two possible spots using a social media hashtag and the winner will run during the game. P&G’s going high-tech – partnering with Eko for what it’s billing as the world’s first interactive ad, which will be based on a web-based fan vote. I love both approaches because they extend the reach beyond a traditional TV spot and make it personal for the consumer. By incorporating a fan engagement element, I have a reason to look forward to seeing the spot during the game, and you’ve probably strengthened my connection to or affinity for the brand at the same time. That’s cool.” 

Vice President/Group Creative Director Ryan Coleman 

“Spoiler alert: I like Google’s spot the most from what I’ve seen so far. So simple yet so poignant, it shows how search and AI help an older man remember the love of his life. I also really liked the ads for Hyundai and Amazon Alexa. But I’m most intrigued by the brands that are taking fresh approaches this year like Heinz, which is showing four commercials on the same screen at the same time. Or Mint Mobile, who’s majority owner Ryan Reynolds was featured in the brand’s Super Bowl ad last year. This time they’ve decided to skip the big game and instead give away 300,000 months of free service at a cost that’s roughly equal to the $5.6 million advertisers are paying this year for a 30-second spot. Will it work? I’m curious.” 


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